This page was last updated on: July 22, 2006
Hello and welcome : My story begins with a love of Knives at a very young age.Old butter Knives were not safe around me because they would get reshaped by hand on a old coarse wet rock that my father had given to me.Then lot's of  hard work went into beveling the blades (on that old rock) and then the handles were old shoestrings,or whatever was around to wrap the handles with. They didnt sharpen real good, but for a kid they were a cherished item.My parents never thought bad of my love for Knives thru my school years.Infact there was many Knives in those years from Dad,Mom,Grandpa's,and Uncle's.There were alot of Knives found, some in good shape, others without handles,that were lovingly rehandled and added to a boys collection. In high school the first Gun Digest Book Of Knives came out and one of them became mine.It was taken everywhere that this boy went.While in my senior year of high school a kit knife was bought and put together by me, but that wasn't enough so an old file hit the electric grinder to be shaped then cleaned up on a disc sander attached to an electric drill then guarded with a piece of steel shaped with a file.Then an old deer antler became the handle boy did it look good to me at the time,guess what? it was to hard to sharpen ,didnt understand about heat treating,so it got put up .The bug hit so another was started the same way with no heat treat but it turned out pretty good.Then girls caught my attention and my knives were put on hold for years,until my lovely wife came into my life.Her brothers got me back into hunting .My love for archery was reborn,and when all my equiptment was purchased  my new Knife just didnt cut it, for my taste .Then one day at the magazine rack Blade magazine was spotted along with Knives Illustrated both were purchased and the bug hit again.One night after work my wife thought I was crazy because a small vice was clamped to her kitchentable, a piece of old saw blade and some files were brought in and six months later a bowie was born complete with heat treat and all.My wife kept that knife as payment for disturbing her more than once.After moving outside to the old pump house a few knives were made,then I met Mr.Ted McMinn who was a Bladesmith in the local area.He has coached and watched over me alot(dumb questions never growled at) to him I owe alot ---THANKS Mr. TED. He talked me into going to Jim Batson's symposium,it was the best  thing for me.There I met Ken Durham who has become a really close friend and coach.Mr.Alex Daniels was kind enough this year to become my teacher even with his backlog of orders,to him a great big THANK YOU...From here my knives have to speak for themselves.......Thanks for the interest ,  Bruce